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The French American Chamber of Commerce – Los Angeles

Who We Are.

The French-American Chamber of Commerce (FACC) is a bi-national non-profit association that is devoted exclusively to the development and improvement of economic, commercial and financial relations between the U.S. and France. The 21-chapter FACC national network includes offices in all major metropolitan U.S. cities, as well as 4,000 members across a broad range of fields.

As one of the largest and most effective business organization in Southern California, the FACC LA is the ideal organization for entrepreneurs, startups and executives from large multinational companies wanting to develop a business and build a strong network. 

We provide thousands of referrals and personal introduction every year and are proud to have helped countless business owners and companies to successfully expand in Southern California.

All our members are carefully vetted and we keep a close and strong relationship with each company within our network. Whether you are new to Los Angeles or already established, become a member today and let us help you build your network and expand your influence.
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Our Mission

The purposes of the FACC LA shall be to promote the development of business and trade for its members in the greater Los Angeles area; to create a forum for French and American business leaders to meet, discuss and share opinions on specific topics that will help stimulate growth in the Greater Los Angeles area and between France and the United States; and to engage in any other lawful activities permitted under the California Nonprofit Mutual Benefit Corporation Law.

Executive Team

Samuel Loy

Co-Founder & President

Aline Darmouni




Aurelie Thiot

VP Marketing

Board Members

Samuel Loy

Co-Founder & President - FACC LA

Cyril Darmouni

EXCO - Managing Director

Lio Slama

SquarePlan - Founder

Aline Darmouni


Haim Elbaz

Kids Empire - CEO

Ken Kessler

Hub International - SVP

Honorary Board Members

Flore Kanmacher

Co-Founder - Kanmacher Law

Consul General of France in Los Angeles