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Business Starts Here

The French-American Chamber of Commerce in Los Angeles is the largest network of French American companies in California. It is the ideal place for entrepreneurs, startups and executives from large multinational companies to start or develop a business and build a strong network. 

We provide thousands of referrals yearly and are proud to have helped countless business owners and companies to successfully expand in Southern California.

All our members are carefully vetted and we keep a close and strong relationship with each company within our network. Whether you are new to Los Angeles or already established, become a member today and let us help you build and expand your network.

A diverse array of industries is represented in the FACC membership, including tech, entertainment, legal, accounting, banking, finance, luxury, consumer goods, digital services, , biotech, manufacturing, business consulting, and many more. FACC – Los Angeles member companies also greatly vary in terms of size – from large publicly-traded corporations to small entrepreneurial firms looking to establish themselves or grow in Los Angeles area or its surrounding region.

The chamber of commerce has been established for decades and provides access to extensive ressources, thus saving you countless of hours and thousands of dollars in Business Development fees.

The French American Chamber of Commerce of Los Angeles offers six (6) levels of membership.

Membership Options

  • Job seekers: Our company-members are constantly on the lookout for new employees. This inexpensive plan allows you to have your profile listed in our Job Board. If a company is interested in your profile, we will directly forward your resume.
  • Entrepreneur: This level is suited for individuals, start ups and companies with fewer than 3 employees. It is the ideal plan to benefit to benefit from our network and referrals services at an affordable cost.
    Your company will be listed on our network and will benefit from our referral services. You will be automatically introduced to potential valuable clients, investors and partners.
  • Corporate: This membership is geared towards businesses wanting to develop or expand their network. Members gain access to exclusive business referrals and a personal access to our Chairman and President. You will start receiving introductions to potential clients and partners  the moment you sign up. In addition, you will have access to our Visa / J1 program as well as other benefits.
  • J-1 and VIE visas: For companies solely interested in sponsoring J1 and VIE visas.
  • Service Providers: This membership is reserved to the following services providers: Attorneys, Accountants, Insurance brokers, bankers, consultants, real estate brokers and other financial services. Due to the high demand for such services within our network, we have created this specific category. Being an FACC service providers means increasing prospects and clients. For that reason, applicants for this category are carefully selected in order to provide our members with the highest level of service.
  • Accelerator: Accelerator members benefit from all the privileges listed in the Corporate membership as well as exclusive year round exposure on our marketing platforms and online medias, including our front page website, social medias and newsletters. This is the ideal plan for established companies looking for a maximum exposure and the possibility to host events and private dinners. Our Accelerator membership offers a privileged access to our network and services.

FaccLA Testimonials

“This is a qualitative and valuable organization who will helped me extend my network. They emphasize on quality and organize some of the best events in the LA area.”
Nicolas Matt, L'Oreal, VP
“The FACC’s network encompasses business ranging from small entrepreneurs to large corporations.Their services are tailored to benefit all companies in the LA Area.”
Flore Kanmacher, Partner, Gerard Fox Law
” My partners and I have benefited tremendously from the FACC’s expertise in connecting us with the right folks and helping us implementing our company in Los Angeles.”
Al Boon, Partner, Boon & Loof Inc.
“Their team have provided tremendous assistance and help when I moved from France. I was able to quickly build a network of qualitative people. The FACC served as an accelerated and I could not be happier of the results”.
Haim Elbaz, Founder, Kids Empire
“The FACC has been a reliable partner since 2014. Their large network has been really beneficial to us. We’re grateful for the positive working relationship”.
Aspet Hovanessian