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Epic Wines & Spirits


California’s fastest growing premium wine & spirits wholesaler. Since 1995 Epic has focused on becoming California’s best beverage wholesaler not the biggest. Our relentless pursuit of advancement stimulates the culture that is EPIC. Our suppliers and our customers are our partners. Together it is our mission to give all who seek, access to something EPIC. [...]

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Based out of Delaware, Fregetables purchases produce from all around the United States to make sure we can find the highest quality and freshest produce. They believe that maintaining good relationships with their vendors, growers and wholesalers, will allow them to consistently provide customers with the top-notch quality products they are looking for. [...]


Holy Quiche!


WHO WE ARE We are the new quiche on the block! We are also quite French, and as our DNA commands, we love food. We enjoy talking about food, preparing food, sharing food with friends and family, talking about the food we just had... and do it all over again. And above all, we love [...]

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Marie Ravel & Jamie Young – Founders, Black Flour Crepes


Marie and Jamie moved to Los Angeles from Paris two years ago seeking to continue their adventure in the restaurant business in what they felt was the most exciting culinary environment in the world. They spent months looking for the perfect spot to open Black Flour as a brick and mortar restaurant; traversing LA with [...]

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Black Flour Crepes


Black Flour is a fast-casual food truck concept focusing on bringing the traditional buckwheat crêpes of French Brittany out of its folkloristic world of berets and Eiffel tower posters to California in a modern setting focusing on locally sourced ingredients. Membership Level: Employee Members: [...]

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ADMIRABLE Family Vineyards


Admirable Wines is the culmination of Beatrice Cointreau’s three decades as a wine grower and the Cointreau family’s 20 generations in winemaking. Grown on the Malibu coast, this vintage pays homage to Beatrice’s roots in the south of France and California love. Membership Level: Employee Members: [...]

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Mélanie Jonniaux – Co-Founder & COO, Bloomizon


Mélanie is a biological engineer (Polytech) and a graduate of Marketing Intelligence (HEC Paris). She began her career in the pharmaceutical industry and co-founded a personalised cosmetics company in Germany. Today, Mélanie steers the micro-encapsulation part of Bloomizon in order to create the first customised food supplements. Employed by: [...]

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At Bloomizon, we believe that well-being depends on a healthy diet, a natural diet which most closely fits your needs. That's why we offer you a vitamin schedule, made for you, developed by our powerful algorithm, designed with love and created in the most responsible way possible. You get exactly what you need, depending on [...]