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Victoria Parent-Laurent – Digital & Corporate Communications, Social Media


Summary I recently graduated from the CELSA Sorbonne University with a Master's Degree in Corporate Communications with honors and from California State University, Fullerton (Dean's List). With more than a year of work experience in communications, I am looking for new opportunities in the US starting immediately. I was given responsibilities in social media, digital, [...]

Victoria Parent-Laurent – Digital & Corporate Communications, Social Media2020-01-25T12:34:19-08:00

Johanna Mouyal – Strategic Management


Summary I am passionate on well-being. Well-being of people, of the planet, and of companies-- through optimization, efficiency, and an understanding of supply chain operations. I interconnect my passions to provide long-term approaches to problems.       Start date: 08/17/2020 Legally authorized to work in the US Will require sponsorship in the future (305) [...]

Johanna Mouyal – Strategic Management2020-01-25T11:49:41-08:00

Christopher Bray – CFO


Summary Senior business executive with 20 years of financial operations and advisory experience across a wide array of sectors and geographic markets. A CPA and a CFA® charterholder who is an analytically minded, detail-driven strategic partner with strong leadership skills. American and French citizenship with significant international experience both within a corporate environment and a [...]

Christopher Bray – CFO2020-01-21T13:02:52-08:00

Lou-Anne Hoarau – Internship


Summary Hello, My name is Lou-Anne Hoarau, I am studying business at EDHEC and I am currently on exchange in the second year at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). I therefore speak fluent French and English. Having already done a first 9-month internship in marketing and communication last year at EDHEC business school [...]

Lou-Anne Hoarau – Internship2020-01-21T12:59:44-08:00

Anna HAETTY – Marketing and Development Intern


Summary I have been interested in business for as long as I can remember. EDHEC BBA has been a perfect choice as it allowed me to combine serious knowledge, early work experience, and international dimension. After my first year at EDHEC Business School, I am currently studying at UCLA. As I love working in marketing [...]

Anna HAETTY – Marketing and Development Intern2020-01-19T12:45:20-08:00

Clara Nerzic – Internship


Summary I am a rising Junior working towards a Bachelor's degree in International Business at EDHEC Business School. I am part of the Global Business Program which is a rotational program over three continents. Indeed, for my first year I studied at the EDHEC Business School campus in Nice, France. For my second year, I [...]

Clara Nerzic – Internship2020-01-19T12:39:15-08:00

Cassandre Touflet – Intern


Summary As a business school student, I would like to find an internship in marketing, event planning or sales. The industries I am interested in are the food and beverage industry, make-up and self care, as well as fashion. Start date: 07/13/2020 Legally authorized to work in the US Will require sponsorship in the future [...]

Cassandre Touflet – Intern2020-01-19T12:29:43-08:00

June Rives – Public Relations / Marketing


Summary Je cherche un emploi dans les métiers des relations publiques ou marketing. Trente ans d'experience. Je voudrais travailler avec une société française a utiliser la langue. J'ai aussi l'expérience comme agente immobilière et écrivain. Auteur des deux livres "Paris Perfect" et "Peril in Paris". J'habitais à Paris pendant 10 ans.   Start date: 01/01/2020 [...]

June Rives – Public Relations / Marketing2019-11-03T01:32:36-08:00

Julien Ferrier – Web/App developer Full Stack


Summary In order to carry out my IT objectives, the experience gained at the end of my internships an interest and adopt the Californian organizational culture through the "RAD" method and the "scrum" which are, in my opinion, essential to the accomplishment of my projects. This is the main reason that I applied on this [...]

Julien Ferrier – Web/App developer Full Stack2019-10-28T10:06:55-08:00

Mathilde Francois – Marketing, social media, communication


Summary Experienced in marketing, e-commerce and marketing with strengths in customer service and social media. Diversified skills include human resources, project management, and administrative support. Professional, creative and flexible. Start date: 05/04/2020 Legally authorized to work in the US Will require sponsorship in the future (323) 283-1536 athilde-francois-1058a5130 Resume Experience: Social Media [...]

Mathilde Francois – Marketing, social media, communication2019-09-25T09:26:22-08:00