The emergence of a partnership between the FACC Los Angeles and

||The emergence of a partnership between the FACC Los Angeles and

The emergence of a partnership between the FACC Los Angeles and

This year 2018 is made of good news and as illustration of it, we want to announce the recent birth of a partnership with the first US economic media intended for Francophones people!, the economic reference since 2014

With around 500 articles, 150 videos and a newsletter followed by nearly 35,000 subscribers, is the first information web platform created to facilitate the creation of French companies and French projects in the United States.

Through many themes, will give you all the keys to succeed in your establishment in the USA. Moreover, the information that is given to you comes from people who already live in the USA : American or French who have already succeed in the expatriation.

Since trying such an aventure is a real investment, you need to have all the best and full information. All year long, journalists and partners of expand the website in many categories: Buying and selling companies, Companies creation, Law of succession, Taxation, Real estate, Immigration and Franchise.

You want to export your brand in the USA ? You want to build your own company ? Or buy one ? will give you an answer to all your questions and will put you through the right persons.

Julien Raynard, director of, argues: “The plate-form plays a real role as advisor, a phone consultation is offered to all the readers wishing it. These investors are put in touch with American professionals. “

A win-win relation

With 55,000 visitors per month, the partnership with has naturally emerged. The platform will allow the FACC to gain in visibilty beyond California and will relay the news of the Chamber throughout the year. From point of view, more and more attracted by West Coast, the partnership is a mean to initiate new relationships with local experts.

Several members of the Chamber already engaged as “Experts”, put forward by the site, the positive feedback of experience helped to create a fertile partnership. Flore Kanmacher (Co-Founder of the FACC) explains: “As an Expert, allows me to be featured in high quality articles always well-positioned on Google.”