The Alliance Française de Pasadena, much more than a French language school!

||The Alliance Française de Pasadena, much more than a French language school!

The Alliance Française de Pasadena, much more than a French language school!


The Alliance Française de Pasadena has many roles. It is a language school specialized in the learning of French, an exam center, and a French cultural center.

The Alliance welcomes children, teenagers, and adults. It has a professional team of native French-speaking teachers who have an innovative way of teaching.

The premises are beautifully remodeled, pleasant, and spacious. They are located near shops and restaurants.

The team of teachers uses the most updated books to teach French. Each teacher is dynamic, friendly, creative, and most of them are also DELF-DALF examiners. They really want to help their students improve and be successful.

Each classroom has a smart board to connect the French class to the reality of the French-speaking world. Combining language and culture is essential to learn a foreign language properly.

There is a big variety of classes for adults and children: regular classes, workshops on specific subjects, private classes and “test prep private classes”.

The Alliance Française de Pasadena is an official exam center where you can take the DELF, the DALF and TCF. They are all tests which validate your level in French. The DELF and the DALF are official certifications of French-language abilities for non-native speakers of French. The students who pass it, can add it to their resume and make the difference on the job market.

The students of the Alliance Française de Pasadena are also part of a community in which Francophiles and French-speakers mix: various activities in connection with the French-speaking world are organized several times a month. For example, you can go to a “French aperitif” in a local bar/restaurant where you can enjoy French drinks, a typical French breakfast is served directly at the language school, you can be part of the Book Club and enjoy lunches in the best restaurants of the area. Lectures, parties and movie nights are also part of the program…

Members have access to Culturethèque, an e-library where there are magazines, radio stations, and news online. They also have access to the on-site library, where they can borrow books and DVD’s in French.

A trip to a French-speaking country is organized every year. It’s a real opportunity to practice and discover a new part of the world.

Nowadays, learning a foreign language and exposure to other cultures are essential to understand the world better, so let’s learn French and discover the French-speaking cultures at the Alliance Française de Pasadena!


Emma Franks