French District, UFE, the Consulate General of France in Los angeles, French Morning and Splash PR Agency are the media partners of our major event, the French Heritage Night 2016: February 18 at the Staples Center!


Union des Français à l’Etranger


Founded in 1927 by Gabriel Wernlé, the UFE is an association which first mission is to create and maintain contact with the French citizens living abroad. The UFE operates in 100 countries through 170 representations led by volunteers.

Their main activities are to represent and to intervene with the National Public Authorities and also the European Institutions, managing the relations with the Senators and advisors of the Assembly of French Citizens Abroad (in French: l’Assemblée des Français à l’Etranger ). This last one is the political body representing French citizens living outside France.

The association is characterized by 4 values: welcome the expatriates, the mutual aid, friendliness and the brilliance because every representation of the association is a small piece of France abroad.

The UFE also represents French expatriates with the local administrations in the countries where they have an office. Moreover, when those expatriates decide to come back to France, the association provides them support and advices. Not only they help French expatriates to deal with the administrative part but they offer cultural events too.

French District

French District was created in 2008 by 3 French friends who live in the US. Laure, Romain and Ben created French District to provide French-speaking US residents with a service directory in their language. The association quickly became a leading resource for all French-speaking residents and prospective tourists.

The French District operates in Florida (Miami, Orlando, Tallahassee, St Petersburg, Naples, Key West), in New-York (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Harlem, Staten Island, Bronx, Queens), Atlanta, Georgia, South California, North California, Chicago, Boston, Washington D.C. and Texas.

They provide information about culture, advices, events and also news from France.


The role of the Consulate General of France in Los Angeles is to protect the French Community and its properties and interests to Californian authorities.

The consulate also lists the French in the region, holds the registry office (civil status), delivers passports, insures the contact with the national authorities, issues mandates of vote and organizes elections.

It is the go-between with the Embassy. The general Consul is entitled to collect commercial data and to stimulate economic relations in spite of the creation of the economic expansion departments (some of them established within the Consulate). The consul generally plays in its district a role of representation and communication similar to this of the ambassador today.


Splash PR agency is a full-service PR Agency and event organizer based in Los Angeles with an office in Santa Monica. Servicing talents, artists, fashion, food, wine, and lifestyle brands, hospitality, non-profits…

The founder is the French Claire Arnaud-Aubour. She had worked for many years as a freelance journalist for the senior journalist Benoit Clair, conducting many one-on-one celebrity interviews for Europe 1 or Radio Monaco Radio Station in France, working at the red carpet at the Academy Awards, coordinating various TV productions and all kinds of public events. Five years ago, she decided to work in the PR business and created her own agency in Los Angeles: Splash PR Agency.

Splash.PR helps its customers to build a brand identity, a positive and efficient image. Moreover, the agency provides media exposure for its clientele. The objective is to boost sales and to allow its clients to be successful.

logo french morning

French Morning is the first online magazine for the French speakers in the United States. Created in 2007 by professional journalists, the e-magazine is enjoying a huge success. In 2015, the website got 200,000 viewers monthly and 45,000 people subscribed to receive the newsletter.

French Morning is available in 5 versions: one edition for New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Texas and one for San Francisco. The online magazine provides information (news, politics, culture…) to the French community but not only as it is also available in English.

For people who want to advertise, the e-magazine represents an effective communication tool to promote products and events.

French Morning is the first e-magazine in the United States, directed to the French speaking community living in the US as well as French people traveling to the US. It combines a community-based magazine and a city guide, with local editions.

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