MODERAPHIA was born from the passion of two women for business and raffia.
The MODERAPHIA bags were created from the union of artisan handicraft of high quality and authentic, natural beauty. « We create bags that can be worn for any occasion, hence our slogan WHEN NATURE CHIC COMES IN TOWN. »
MODERAPHIA uses only natural materials: Raffia, leather, zebu or goat skin, and silk.
The company specializes in the work of the fiber to the hook.
All bags are handmade and each piece is unique. All embroidery on bags are made with silk, either embroidered directly on raffia or crochet and sewn silk on the raphia. All handles are leather.
Lucia imagines and designs the bags  and works with Lalatiana, who runs the workshop throughout the manufacturing process. From the first sketches and the moment when the bag is mounted, the two women go through trials and exchanges that can take several days.
The MODERAPHIA bags are premium products: the models are made in small batches and are vectors of values as environmental and social safeguards.
The workshop is located in Antananarivo (Madagascar) and employs 35 workers formed by Lalatiana. In addition to their salaries, they are fed in the workshop because of their difficult economic situation. Some of them, formerly homeless, find refuge in the Village.
MODERAPHIA creates a micro-economy in which local actors (leather workers, silk …) benefit more from the income and the recognition given to their expertise.