Kybele Dance Theater

Choreographed by Seda Aybay

November 3rd at 8:00pm

Tickets start at $25


“As each couple danced, you seemed to be watching a summary of a complex relationship swiftly, lightly impressed upon your consciousness. »                       

 – Lewis Segal, (Los Angeles Times)


Kybele Dance Theater is dedicated to using contemporary dance to build bridges between cultures and genders. Turkish-born Seda Aybay draws upon her Turkish heritage to create innovative works that showcase the power of storytelling and stretch the boundaries of modern dance.


Founded in 2003 by Seda Aybay, Kybele Dance Theater (KDT) seeks to cultivate an experience that infuses theatrical and contemporary dance with Turkish socio-cultural narratives and imagery. Drawing from a diverse tapestry of experience, Aybay uses her unique multicultural approach to craft gestural movement, syncopated rhythms, and lush curves into repertoire that abstracts and amplifies the forgotten moments of everyday life; the mundane becomes powerful, seductive, and profound. Through a sophisticated lense, KDT fosters an ever evolving vocabulary including evening length programs, mixed repertory work, educational performances, and festivals. 


The program consists of three compelling works: “Yol”, “Noir”, and “DediKodu”.




A short dance film choreographed, danced, and edited by Seda Aybay with cinematography by Carl Owens.


« Noir » is inspired by the dark themes of 1940’s cinema and its anti-heroine, the femme fatale, who uses her femininity to lure men down a destructive and dangerous path. Historically born from a time when soldiers came home from fighting in World War II to find women more independent, therefore challenging gender roles of that time. NOIR depicts the ongoing battle of a woman’s desires to shake society’s scrutiny which deems her subversive, provocative and thus, a villainess femme fatale.


« DediKodu” explores shedding the burden of cultural expectations and judgements in favor of celebrating personal choices over societal scrutiny. The title comes from the Turkish word for ‘gossip.’ However it has been visually separated into ‘dedi’ meaning ‘said’ and ‘kodu’ meaning ‘set’ as a play-on-words used to illustrate how we often succumb to what is said about us, falling into the prescribed version or ourselves, a version others foist upon us.


Animation Fest

November 3rd at 8:00pm

Tickets start at $15 with complimentary charcuterie at intermission.

Lineup announced in September.

** In French with English subtitles **

This eagerly awaited annual event showcases a variety of animated French language shorts. The eagerly awaited annual event captures the spirit of the times we live in today, with stories infused with humor and poetic force.

Animation Fest at TRK contains themes best digested by adults, sure to inspire thought-provoking conversations during the intermission, over a glass of wine and cheese plate, a tradition at TRK.



Opening act: Jason Brokerss

November 17th at 8:00pm

Tickets start at $30

** In French, no subtitles **

 ‘One of the leading comedians of his generation is finally back on stage’ – Clement Rodriguez, cultural journalist


After a two-year break, Fary, one of the biggest stars of the French stand-up scene, returns with a new show ‘Aime-moi si tu peux,’ in which he explores social issues and questions the myth of love. In advance of his 2023 tour, Fary will perform in Los Angeles for one-night, only at Theatre Raymond Kabbaz. The opening act is Jason Brokerss, who recently starred in the international Netflix series « Humorists of the World. »



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